Questions and Answers

01How I can create an application?

First of all, you have to create an account. It is very simple, and 100% free. After that, you can create your own apps for iPhone/iPod. Just click on App Templates and select the one you want to use.

02 I finished my application; what is next?

Now you have to make sure that your application is ready for release. Go to App Store Properties. Make sure that your Application icon(57x57) is identical with the iTunes icon (1024x1024) but in a different size. Fill in the required information and click Save. Once you click on the submit button, one of our build engineers will test your application and make sure it works properly. If there are any broken links, buttons that don't work or content that doesn't comply with Guidelines we will reject it. Check your app status on the website to see when your application gets approved/rejected.

03Application Status

In-Design (Unpaid) - 0
In-Design (Paid) - 1
Ready-For-Release - 2
In-Review - 3
In-App Store - 4

04Do I need a Developer certificate?

Only if you want to publish your application with your own company name or as developer.

05How long will it take for my app to be approved?

It takes on average 3-10 business days; however, the process may take longer. 3-10 days is just an estimate based on our past experience with Apple's review process. Please note that Apple does not provide any timeframe estimate on how long the process may take. The max we've seen was 1 month. We'll be responsible for fixing any technical issues. On your side we expect cooperation in adding proper quality content and following our guidelines as well as Apple's requirements.

06 If the app data is saved on the mobile device, does that mean even if there is no internet the data will still be available on the mobile device?

Yes. All data is deployed to App Store/Google Play Store/Amazon Appstore and saved on the mobile device. Even if the device has no internet connection, the app will still work.

07I have an iPhone app; how can I publish it on Google Play Store as an Android app?

We specialize in creating rich content native apps for iPhone and Android, too. We try to keep these technologies separate, i.e. if you want a single app to be submitted to both markets then you have to duplicate your content in two separate apps (one for App Store and one for Google Play Store) - we provide the tools to do this efficiently.

08Where I can find tutorials Do I have to pay for them?

You can find all our tutorial in our tutorials section (Support - Tutorials). You can also view our video tutorials on our Youtube channel "iBlanggo". All our tutorials are FREE.

09 How do I insert a YouTube video?

- Open to select the video on YouTube.
- Copy the Embed code (found below the video)
- Go to blanggo> Search page.html> click Edit
- Click the YouTube button (on the left side in the tool box)
- Paste the code into the box YouTube.
- Save it and make sure the embedded code of the video is set to video resolutions 320x265 or less, so you can see the video in portrait mode.

10How do I sell an app on App Store?

If you want to sell your app in the App Store you will need to create your Apple Developer account under your name or your company name. To enroll in the program go to iPhone
You sign a contract with Apple and may receive payments directly from Apple.

11Regarding your price plans, can you tell me what happens with a monthly subscription package if I stop paying this monthly bill at a future point? What happens to the apps that have already been created and put on the App Store?

If you stop paying at a future point, the apps will still be available for download from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore, but they will not be usable until the bill is paid in full. Subscription-based apps will try to connect online and check your payment status. If the apps detect that you cancelled your payment, they will show users a popup warning message and then shut down. The message goes away when you resume your subscription payments, and the apps will be usable again. If you don't want a monthly subscription payment schedule, you can always to buy out your app for a single, one-time fee. Apps that you purchase upfront do not make any online verifications and will never pop up warning messages.

12Can I use PDF files?

There are no restrictions on using PDF files. But for reading them or inserting them into app you will need to upload your PDF file and link to it from your app page.

13Can I update a Live application??

You can update your app content an unlimited number of times.

14 Do I need new binaries every time I update my app on

Need new binary if you upgraded a large number of multimedia files or large files in your application. You can only synchronize the small files with SYNC.

15Does it work on the iPhone 5?

Yes, it is currently tested and verified to work on the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 5th generation.

16My iPhone app works on iPad??

Yes, all iPhone apps run on the iPad in extended mode. We templates designed specifically for the iPad screen. You must post a separate iPad application only if you want to use the iPad screen - 768 x 1024 px

17Can I create my application on my own editor and then add it to

Click the Backup button in your desktop application. Unzip the downloaded file. Use Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor to edit the. Keep all files in the root folder. Not create subfolders.
When you are finished, compress the folder, go to your desktop and upload the project.

18How I can edit the name of the application in Will appear on the App Store / Google Play / Amazon?

The name of the project in it's just an identifier and not the name of the application. The application name and description appear in the App Store / Google Play / Amazon exactly as typed in Desktop App -> Properties App Store / Android Market Properties / Properties Amazon or the shipping process. We will not add any promotional information.

19 How long does it take for a binary building process?

A binary build process will take 1-2 business days.

20How can I delete an App (project) from My Application List?

To remove an application without pay (an app that is not added to our subscription plan) locate the Remove button under your X application icon on the desktop application.
To delete a payment application (an application linked to your subscription plan), please keep in contact.

21Where I can find the download link of the application binaries?

You should receive an email with a link to download.
Please check your folder spam. Sometimes an email can arrive and quickly placed in your spam or junk folder.
If the email is not in your inbox, please check there first and be sure to add the email to your "white list" of approved emails. However, if you have not received an email with a link to download the binary of your application, you can find the download link on the Desktop App down "ready to publish".

22How to turn pages?

To convert pages, follow these steps:
- Open the application in
- Click Edit pages
- Select the page you want to convert to the list of pages and click Edit
- Above the Save button, click "Convert" and select a new page type to convert.
- Click the Convert button.
Important: type conversion page erase all information on your page.

23How to change the background image for my application?

To change the background image follow the steps:
- Click Properties Design
- In the list of properties click Wallpaper as shown below
- Select a background image gallery, searching or upload it from your computer.
- Click the Add button to resources and click Select.
- Click Apply Changes to save the changes and click Done. If you do not want a background image, you can set a background color:

24How to change the number of tabs and icons?

You can change the navigation settings of your Desktop application, Section Navigation Settings you can change the number of tabs, text and icons for the tabs. Also you can change the navigation app (no tabs, standard tabs, custom tabs or scroll wheel).

25What is the welcome screen?

The Splash Screen Screenshot image is displayed when the application loads. It covers the entire screen and hard while loading the application (usually a few seconds). The purpose of a home screen mask is the length of time it takes to load an application.

26If the application icon and the icon of iTunes the same, why is one bigger and one smaller?

App icon and the iTunes icon image should be the same, differing only in the resolution. Icon iPhone / iPod Touch is 57x57 pixels, the icon for iPad: 72x72 px, the iTunes icon: 1024x1024 px

27Approval Process

Approval of the application is subjective to our process of review and revision of Apple. We will not approve or submit applications that are incomplete, with broken links, broken functionality, with inappropriate content, which are part of a scam or infringe copyright laws. The qualified as purely commercial ads with little or no functionality, applications will not be approved. Blanggo and Apple the right to reject an application based on a subjective assessment of the reviewer are reserved.

28Do I need a developer account or I can submit my application in account? only accept applications submitted under the account of your business applications that meet the following requirements:
- provides ease of use for the end user,
- It is rich in content, informative and instructive,
- contains no multimedia content such as audio or video connection,
- contains native interactive pages,
- have a professional appearance and original design,
- It is not designed to promote a brand
- contains copyrighted materials without the express permission of the copyright owner,
- that can not be classified as posing a potential copyright issue
- is a publication for FREE distribution. was
If any of these requirements are not met, not submit the application under your developer account and required to enroll in the program Apple iOS

29What is a push notification to iOS?, Push Notifications How do they work?

Push Notifications for iOS applications allows the application to send snapshots "sent" to it from the server notifications. Through push notifications, the application can communicate with their users, even when the application is closed. When can you use a Push Notification? Any event that can generate a notification can also generate a push notification. You can send notifications to users of your application when you want to announce an update, news, invite you to read a new message, request a review, any information relating to your application for iPhone users find valuable.

To enable push notifications in your application:

This information is for application owners to have their applications on their own dev accounts.
1. Go to Push Notifications.
2. Follow the instructions to create a certificate and upload APN
3. If you have already created a. Mobileprovision create a new one
4. If the application is already in the App Store, click Generate Binaries and replace the existing files. Mobileprovision with the new. When I binaries are ready, update it in 5. When the new binaries are approved, just go to the Push Notifications screen, enter your message and send.

30Explanation of the toolbox

CUT - Select the text you want inserting elsewhere. make Click this button box tools. Now choose where you want to put the text and click this button.
COPY - Select the text you want copy and press this button box tools. Now choose where you want to copy the text and click this button.
PASTE - Copy and Cut buttons see
UNDO - if you changed something in your application, but does not like, or if wants to go to the previous result then Click this button box tools.
REDO - if you changed something in your application, but wanted to see what was previously, but changed his mind and want go ahead, click this button in the toolbox.
REMOVE - If you made some changes in the text (bold, italic, etc.) and want remove them, but not delete the text, Click this button in the box tools.
BOLD - if you want to highlight your text in your Application Click this button in the Toolbox.
ITALICS - if you want your text have inclination towards the right side, Click this button in the box tools.
ALIGN LEFT - if you want your text is aligned on the left, click this button in the toolbox.
ALIGN CENTER - if you want the text to align in the center, click on this button Toolbox.
ALIGN RIGHT - if you want your text is aligned on the right, click on this button toolbox.
ALIGN JUSTIFY - if you want to align the text justified, Click this button in the box tools.
INDENT - if you want to increase the level of paragraph indent, click this button in the toolbox.
OUTDENT - if you want to reduce the level of paragraph indent, click this button in the toolbox.
COLOR TEXT - if you want to change the color of your text, have to click this button in the toolbox and choose color you want from the palette. It you can change whenever you want pressing the button.
HIGHLIGHT COLOR - if you highlight the text, Click this button in the box tools, and select the color want to use.
FONT - if you want to change the font of the text, can be done very easily by clicking this button in the box tools.
SIZE - you can just change the size of text to varying clicking this button in the box tools. Choose again and press Insert.
FORMAT CURENT BLOCK- HTML h1 element contains the first starting level. Headers, fragments serving as titles text, help organize information in the document to achieve a better understanding of the contents. Should be a brief and concise description of treaty contained therein.

Insert List / Embed numbers - In the Toolbox, select one of the following actions:

• Click the Bullets button if want to add bullets.

• Click the Numbering button if want to add numbering.

INSERT TABLE - whether to insert a table, click this button in the box tools, set the number of rows and columns and select "1" if want the table edge or "0" without border, click Insert.
It will include para - You want to insert a paragraph, just click this button Toolbox.
INSERT IMAGE - To insert an image into your page, Click this button in the box tools and select an image from resources. if to search for an image on Google, do it in the manager window resource by clicking on the section Search. only have to type in the field and press the Search button. Seleccione one of the images by clicking Add then choose resources. make Click on the Gallery section, if you want display images of a transmission resources.. Choose one, press the green button to add resources and then the Choose button. Select Upload to upload a file from your computer. make Click Choose File and select a file on your computer. A then click Load and wait until they are loaded into the Resource Manager. A then click Choose. if have to upload a lot of photos, You can download the zip file resource manager, unzip in your computer, add all files image you want to use for application, and then load the file zip back to its resource manager selecting the last section Zip Upload. make Click Select File to select the zip file to your computer and click Upload. Now in the first section of Resources You can find all files image you want to use
LINK INTERNAL - You can do page breaks as an alternative way of links in about its application. make Click this button in the box tools in the field and enter the link text and select the page you want to link then click Insert.
LINK EXTERNAL - si quiere añadir algún enlace externo, vaya al sitio y copie el enlace que desee insertar, haga clic en este botón en la caja de herramientas y en el primer campo escriba un texto y pegue el enlace en el segundo campo, haga clic en insertar.
ELECTION LINK - if you want to make links in texts pages or sites, use the following steps: Select the text you want establish links, click this button in the toolbox and select one of three options. the first option is to make a link to a application page. Seleccione y haga clic en Insertar. the second option is to make a link to a website. the web page will be opened in your application. Select the second option and paste the address the website you want to link to then click Insert. the third option is to make a link to a website, but will charge your browser. Select the third option and paste the address the website you want to link to then click Insert.
INSERT GOOGLE MAP LINK - To insert a link to Google Maps, you have to open Google Maps first, and look at the place you want to insert into your application. now go to the top right corner of the Link page and find tab. make Click on it and copy the code HTML pages. go this button in the toolbox and click on it. Now paste in the first field code Google Maps, in the second writes Main site address and click Insert.
LINK APP PURCHASE - You want to insert one in your links purchase request, click this button in the toolbox. in the first box type some text catchy and the second one insertion product ID Buy and set the page redirect after purchase, please Click the Insert button.
SELECTION UNLINK - If you have made a selection of links in its application, but does not like and want to remove, click this button in the toolbox.
INSERT iFRAME - To insert an iframe on the page your application, then Click this button and the first field insert the source. set the width and height and click insert. Remember: width must not be more than 310.
INSERT MAIL LINK - To add an e-mail your application, click this button. in the first field, type a text, example "My email", at second field, type your email and click insert.
INSERT PHONE LINK - To add a phone number for your application, click this button. In the first field, type a text, example "My phone number", at second field, enter the number of Phone and click Insert.
Insert MP3 file - To insert an MP3 file has click this button and go to the File Upload section. Make Click Choose File and select an MP3 from your computer, then check the box Convert media files HTTP Live Streaming. this option has been created especially for files such as MP3, MP4 or MOV. This It saves the file to the server and iPhone play when using protocol HTTP Live Streaming. now click Load. Wait until the file is loaded correctly, go to the section resources, select the file and click click Select.
Insert MP3 link - if you want to add a link to an MP3 go site from where you want to insert the copy link and click this button in your toolbox and paste the code into the field.
INSERT YOUTUBE -1. Open YouTube. copy code that is below the video. 2. For add code to your application, paste the code in the box YouTube. 3. Make the code embedded video is configured for resolution video 320X265 or less, so you can watch your videos without any problem.
insert WAV file - To insert a sound file, Click this button, select Upload file, click the button Choose File, locate the file on your computer and then click Load. When the file is loaded to go resources, select the file and click Select.
PLAY MOVIE -. You want to insert a file mov have to click this button and go to the loading section records. make Click Choose File and select an. mov from your computer then check the box Convert media files for HTTP Live Streaming. this option has been created especially for files like mp3, mp4 or mov.. This It saves the file to the server and will play on the iPhone using HTTP Live Streaming protocol. Now click Load. wait until the file is loaded correctly, go to the section resources, select the file and click Select.